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Sweet & Simple Gender Reveal

Gender reveals are the perfect way to gather family and friends together to celebrate the little bundle of joy on the way. Kailee and Jake wanted a simple get together to share the big news. Perhaps this was the best gender reveal of all... because I am becoming an aunt!


Kailee and Jake trusted me with the envelope. It contained the three or four letter word that would determine the gender of their first born. I actually kept rereading the small piece of paper, just to make sure I didn't mess it up. Of course, everyone was beyond ecstatic there was a baby on the way. Finding out the gender was a cherry on top and a good reason to eat some cake.

It was a long few weeks of being the only one knowing the gender, especially around the holidays when I was surrounded by family and lots of holiday cocktails. We all made it to the big reveal (although there was a lot of bribes and attempts to share the news early).


The parents to be prepared a delicious lunch at their home. I wheeled in my antique tea cart to feature the cake. I love this tea cart because it adds a special piece to any gathering and is a great way to display desserts and gifts. I added a vintage linen with pink, blue and yellow squares. It created a delicate and precious feeling that made you realize that a tiny human is on the way. A welcome baby banner, homemade cake topper and balloons added just the right amount of excitement.


The cake was sweet and simple, just as I imagined. Audrey from Cake Baby created exactly what I envisioned.... the cake tasted incredible to add to it! If you are looking for a cake for your event or wedding, you have to check out Audrey's work! She is located in Clifton Springs, NY.

I created a simple pink and blue "BABY" cake topper to add to the elegant, white textured frosting.

It was time to cut the cake. Their cute little pup eagerly waited along with us. And .... IT'S A BOY!


I love the design side of Happiest Day. I enjoy creating and making all the details come together. I would love to chat about how to help with your gender reveal party or baby shower. You can get this look here, or we can work together to make it your own! #genderreveal #happiestday

Rent "The Gender Reveal Cart" for your big announcement!

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